About Event

Unearth the creative self in you to write a resume in Thamizh/English/Tanglish and win a cash prize of Rs. 2000 along with a buffet lunch/dinner at Le Meridien, CBE.

Selection Procedure

Stage - 01

How creative can you get?
Resumes shall be short-listed based on how creative the content is. It is all about how the seemingly sillest of things gets portrayed in your resume. Low CGPA shall not be a barrier. You can win a prize if you are creative.

Stage - 02

Justify the content in your resume
Can you make us believe that the lady/gentleman in the resume is actually you!! Short-listed candidates shall be interviewed remotely. You could choose to be interviewed in Thamizh/English/Thanglish.

Stage - 03

Announcement of winners
3 winners shall be announced. Each winner shall be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2000 and a buffet lunch/dinner at Le Meridien CBE.

Stage - 04

A feather in your cap
If you are smart enough, a win at IDENTITY 2020 could feature in your resume for Placements 2020.


  • Go through the presentation titled, "My Resume and I".
  • You may choose to create a resume in the format attached. Note that this is merely a sample format. You could design your own format as long as you stick to the guidelines mentioned in the presentation.
  • Stick to the guidelines in the presentation and write a resume in Thamizh/English/Tanglish.
  • Send your resume toelpostvijay@yahoo.com
  • Contact : 98405 28835

    Deadline for submission

    March 15, 2020

       My Resume and I    Sample Resume - PDF Format    Sample Resume - DOC Format

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